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MrAchievement's gameplay for Buku Sudoku (X360)

MrAchievement earned achievements in Buku Sudoku

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MrAchievement said...
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I will call last night "Lazy Gaming"... The Family and I spent yesterday at Busch Gardens and I was definitely out of energy when we returned home... Sure, I found time to pick up an Achievement... but I literally bought a new Arcade Game (Buku Sudoku) so it could be an EASY one! Sonic was going to take to long... and by too long I mean like 20 minutes, LOL.

I did get a new game yesterday that I am looking forward to plying today... but I was holding it back because of the "Three's Company" Challenge that is now up for scoring. :)
Buku Sudoku

Buku Sudoku (X360)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Logic Game
Release Date: 28/MAY/08
+10 points
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